Out of this world transparency. Icon’s Space Series microphones fuse vintage sounding clarity and warmth with bold, intergalactic design.

The Shield large diaphragm condenser microphone provides a transparent, neutral sound that is perfect for vocal performance, broadcast, acoustic instruments and amplifiers.

  • Extended upper clarity with smooth mid-range for any voice or instrument applications
  • Professional hand-build 35mm large-diaphragm capsule for full, open-sound and unsurpassed audio quality
  • Ideal as a primary or support microphone for a variety of recording situations
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedback rejection
  • Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule
  • External 36-52 Volt phantom power operation
  • Perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments
  • Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body
  • Top-quality components including “Wima” high-bandwidth polystyrene & film capacitors as well as “Fairchild” NOS transistor are being used
  • Suspension shock mount and innovative zero-hassle “magnet-slip on” pop filter are included
  • Aluminum storage carry case is included