iCON Artists In Action

Artists Using iCON Gear

“[QCon ProX] …it allows me to just use my ears and feel the music”

E-A-SKI, Multi-Platinum Artist, Producer

Ice Cube, E-40, Ice T, Master P

“We love using the iKeyboard 6. The keys have a great feel…”

The Elevaterz, Grammy nominated Producers

Snoop Dogg, J Boog, Wiz Khalifa

The QCon Pro X makes my tracking and mixing so much faster and easier, allowing me to use more of my ears, less of my eyes…”

Javier Delgado, Grammy Nominated Artist, Producer

“…the i-keyboard 6, the Inspire 8G2, and the QCon Pro-X, have become necessary parts of my workflow”

Steve Lamm, Grammy Winning Writer, Producer

“We really like iCON QCon Pro! …”

Oscar Herrera, Artist, , Producer 

 Los Reverbs

“[QCon ProX] …The recording – mixing – and mastering is done faster.”

DJ Klypso, Grammy Nominated Producer, Artist, DJ

Dr. Dre, NE-YO, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco

“I really love how you can get a real good mix…”

Cory “Knotch” Marks, Producer, Songwriter

Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly


Aaron Freedom Lyles, Grammy Winning Producer

Usher, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green

“Adding the Qcon to my setup launched my workflow into hyperspace!”

Nadir Omowale, Artist & Producer

Thirteen time DMA winner, former MTV Correspondent

“iKeyboard 6 is a God send for me when using it with MIDI capable analog gear.”

Jeff Rebrovich, Artist & Composer 

Ghost Synthesis

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