Wendel Patrick
jazz pianist, classical composer, dj/producer, hip hop educator
“Icon’s tools allow me to spend more time creating and less time thinking about ways to make that happen.”

Think Global. Play Local.

This big wide world we share is a tapestry of color, flavor, culture and sound. While ultimately, we are more alike than we are different, it’s the subtle differences that make this such an exciting planet. Each town, each village, each city, and each of us are special and unique in our own way.

iCON’s Global Sessions Series features talented artists from around the world celebrating the textures and tastes of home, wherever home might be. In these short videos they share a little bit of home with you in hopes that music, the universal language, may bring us all a little closer together.

See what artists are saying about iCON Gear…

“I absolutely loooove using the QCon Pro x controller!…”

Levester White (Redd Vest)” – Grammy, Stellar, and NAACP IMAGE Award nominated producer and composer.

EASKI, Snoop Dogg, Brent Jones

“Using my iCON setup has changed my whole planet…”

Nelson Braxton – Grammy nominated Bassist, Producer and Artist

Michael Bolton, Ledisi, The Braxton Brothers

“I use icon Pro Audio controllers exclusively in all of my set-ups…”

Majik Reed – Studio Owner, Grammy Winning Artist, Producer

Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Usher

“I absolutely love the Platform M+. It’s an outstanding control surface for my work in film and television scoring.”

David Frederick – Emmy nominated, Award-winning composer & keyboardist

“My iKeyboard 5S [with audio interface] is my one stop shop…”

Jovia Armstrong – Percussionist, Producer, Teaching Artist

“The QCon Pro X makes my tracking and mixing so much faster and easier, allowing me to use more of my ears, less of my eyes…”

Javier Delgado – Grammy Nominated Artist, Engineer, Producer

“[QCon ProX] …it allows me to just use my ears and feel the music”

E-A-SKI – Multi-Platinum Artist, Producer

Ice Cube, E-40, Ice T, Master P

“The Icon Platform M+ keeps me interacting with the mix spontaneously, rather than doing geometry and math.”

Neal Cappellino – Multiple Grammy Winning Producer/Engineer

Vince Gill, Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton

“iKeyboard 6X is a God send for me when using it with MIDI capable analog gear.”

Jeff Rebrovich – Artist & Composer

Ghost Synthesis

“As a vocalist, the quality of the microphone I use, whether at home, in the studio or on stage, is of the utmost importance. This is where iCON Pro Audio delivers.“

Steffanie Christi’an – Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Inner City, Talib Kweli, Taylor Mac

“Icon’s tools allow me to spend more time creating and less time thinking about ways to make that happen.”

Wendel Patrick – Jazz Pianist, Classical Composer, DJ/Producer, Hip Hop Educator

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, The Baltimore Boom Bap Society, Ursula Rucker

“We love using the iKeyboard 6. The keys have a great feel…”

The Elevaterz – Grammy nominated Producers

Snoop Dogg, J Boog, Wiz Khalifa

“…the iKeyboard 6, the Inspire 8G2, and the QCon Pro-X, have become necessary parts of my workflow.”

Steve Lamm – Grammy Winning Writer, Producer

“We really like iCON QCon Pro! …”

Oscar Herrera – Artist, Producer, Member of Los Reverbs 

 Los Reverbs

“The 8X feels so good to my hands as a keyboard player”

Keith Leak –  Music Director, Minister of Music


Aaron Freedom Lyles – Grammy Winning Producer

Usher, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green

“Adding the Qcon Pro to my setup launched my workflow into hyperspace!”

Nadir Omowale – Artist & Producer


“I really love how you can get a real good mix…”

Cory “Knotch” Marks – Producer, Songwriter

Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly

“[QCon ProX] …The recording – mixing – and mastering is done faster.”

DJ Klypso – Grammy Nominated Producer, Artist, DJ

Dr. Dre, NE-YO, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco

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