HyperDrive Preamp

The iCON Pro Audio HyperDrive inline preamplifier is the perfect way to increase the gain of your dynamic or ribbon microphones without the coloration of a pre-amp. The gain is switchable between 23dB or 46dB.

Take a standard dynamic microphone, add the HyperDrive and benefit from Class A discrete gain, resulting in a sound on a par to a world class condenser microphone perfect for vocals and instruments. Recording acoustic or classical guitar, for example, becomes a breeze – no more cranking up the volume on your pre-amp and without the need for capacitors or resistors in the gain staging pathway. You will hear the sound of the microphone, not your pre-amp! The HD1HyperDrive will improve the quality and noise floor of your recordings and reduce the likelihood of buzz, interference and feedback in live performances.


  • Sleek black metal design
  • Robust construction – perfect for live use
  • Switchable power amplification – Gain:1X 23dB or 2X 46dB
  • Extremely low noise floor
  • Two ways to connect: attachable via microphone or pre-amp
  • Perfect for live, studio or broadcast uses
  • Long cable runs more possible in live situations – less likelihood of interference, buzz and hum
  • Less likelihood of feedback in live settings
  • Prevents signal degradation

Note: the HD1 requires phantom power for operation and does not work with microphones that require phantom power, i.e. condenser microphones or some active ribbon microphones.

Frequency Range10Hz - 120K Hz
Output noise level1X 0.9uV, 2X 1.8mV
Gain1X 23dB, 2X 46dB (1K Ohms)
Powering48V phantom power
Recommended load impedance>1K Ohms
Current consumption3.0mA
Connectivity3-pin male/female XLR connector