Latency Technology
Enables Users to Jam Together
Remotely from ANYWHERE
Within 1000 Miles (1609 km)
Slide Learn More Slide Let Your Voice
Be Heard
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Slide Live Console Live Streaming Studio with FX,
Customizable Samples,
Vocal Tune, and Pitch Shift
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Slide Platform Nano Air MIDI DAW Controller with Motorized Fader Learn More

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The QCon Series DAW Controllers

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iKeyboard MIDI Keyboard Controllers

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The DUO Series Audio Interfaces

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The LivePod Plus Live Stream ToolKit

Artists at Work

See what artists are saying about iCON gear…

"I use icon Pro Audio controllers
exclusively in
all of my set-ups…"
Majik Reed
Grammy Winning Artist, Producer

Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Usher
"…the i-keyboard 6, the Inspire 8G2, and the QCon Pro-X, have become necessary parts of my workflow"
Steve Lamm
Grammy Winning Writer, Producer

Toby Mac, Casting Crowns
"Using my iCON setup
has changed
my whole planet…"
Nelson Braxton
Grammy Nominated Bassist, Producer and Artist

Michael Bolton, Ledisi, The Braxton Brothers

The Platform Series DAW Controllers