New Platform M– Compact control for any DAW.  Learn more >

New QCon Pro X – Control any DAW with Hi Res motorized faders.  Learn more >

QCon Pro

A professional control surface for any DAW.  Learn more >

“I use the Qcon Pro control surface with ProTools, Cubase, Ableton and Reason.

Adding the Qcon to my setup launched my workflow into hyperspace! The motorized faders are responsive, tight and accurate. The Qcon allows me to shift more brainpower toward the creative aspects of writing, recording and mixing, and away from the drudgeries of life in the box.” Learn more>


-Nadir Omowale, Artist & Producer Thirteen time DMA winner, former MTV correspondent.

iKeyboard 6

A pro key controller for producers and performers. Learn more >

iKeyboard 3

Compact key controller with audio software included Learn more >

Cube 4 Nano

A portable audio interface for recording anywhere. Learn more >

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