STEVE LAMM – Artist & Producer

Transported into this industry by a passion for music, fueled by a talent and love for electric guitar Steve started playing music at age 16.    The common themes throughout his career have been writing music, recording music, helping others do the same, and figuring out how to work all the gear that is used in the process.

This all led to playing in lots of different bands, and being a part of the flourishing Nashville Rock Scene in the 1990’s.    Steve played with bands like Lunar Crush, Audra and The Antidote, Lennon, Venus Envy, and Craig Gore/Spillred.    Playing in these bands also led to recording them.   Steve always had a recording studio of some sort in his home, and also the ability to record on location as well.   In many cases recording in a bands rehearsal hall turned into an EP!

Steve has also been writing and creating tracks and beats since it was called “programming” way back in the day!   Starting off on an old Roland MC500 sequencer he kept up to speed with all the latest gear and software used in this process.    Today, Cubase/Nuendo, Reason, and Pro Tools on a custom CGR PC are the tools of choice for these tasks.

In 2001 Steve opened up CGR Music.    As the home for his services as freelance audio engineer/producer, guitarist, “track guy”, custom DAW computer builder, location recording specialist, and technical trainer, CGR Music flourished.   In 2007 Steve opened a 2 room recording facility in Berry Hill called CGR Studios.   Artists like Kathy Mattea and Marty Stewart were regular guests, and producers like Kyle Lee, and Bryan Lenox, David Terry also worked there.

Steve continued with his location recording and in 2008 was the recording engineer on Toby Mac’s live album, “Alive and Transported”.   This album was awarded a Grammy for best album in its category, and Steve received a Grammy for his work on it as well.   Also that year Steve was the recording engineer on another live album by Casting Crowns “Alter and The Door Live”.   That album was nominated for a Grammy as well.

In 2009 Steve moved to Houston and spent time working in the Audio Production Department for Joel Osteen/Lakewood Church.    This involved technical support, live sound, mixing for live television, and post production work.

In 2011 life brought Steve back to Nashville where he dug back into freelancing and discovered a love for teaching audio engineering.     He began as an instructor at SAE, and served there for several years.    In 2014 he moved to Dark Horse Institute where he still serves as an instructor and Technical Director.

CGR Music is still alive and well, and Steve still provides engineering, production, track creation, mixing, technical training, and mixing.    He is currently also working on a solo album of original material due to be release in October of 2016.

“Icon is a huge breath of fresh air in the audio world.

I find that the i-Keyboard 6, the Inspire 8G2, and the QCon Pro-X, have become necessary parts of my workflow when making beats, programming, and mixing. The QCon Pro-X gives me the tactile control that I need when working on big mixes. I love that it works well on Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools because I use all 3 extensively. On the i-Keyboard 6 I love the basic transport controls at my finger tips and the slider strips for pitch and modulation are great! I love that the Inspire 8G2 has drum pads and faders to run my DAW too. This makes making changes to a mix while programming super handy. The features and integration on all this gear are super fresh, and I am a huge fan!”

Steve Lamm

QCon Pro X

iKeyboard 6

Inspire 8 G2