Jason Peterson DeLaire – Love Can Heal The World

“Love Can Heal the World” was inspired by the civil unrest in Minneapolis, summer 2020. This song is a response to asking the question, “What Can We Do?” to create some healing using music as the vehicle to inspire unity and peace.

The song was written and performed by third generation of Petersons in Minneapolis and recent inductee into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, Jason Peterson DeLaire. The song features Grammy nominated, Oleta Adams, R&B legend, Rockie Robbins and International Soul Sensation, Jarrod Lawson. The All Star band is comprised of Lenny Castro (percussion), Dave DelHomme (piano), Joe Finger (drums), Nelson Braxton (bass), & Jerry Lopez (guitar). Love Can Heal the World also includes fellow pillars in the musical community, The Steeles, the Capri Glee!, and the Peterson Family. Ricky Peterson (Fleetwood Mac, Prince, George Benson) co-produced the song with Jason and also played keys.

“There is a power that can heal this world, and that power is LOVE”. -Jason Peterson DeLaire

iCON Artist – Nelson Braxton tracked bass on his iCON Ultra4 audio interface, and premixed the rhythm section for the final mix using his QCon Pro X. He also used the QCon Pro X for all of the video editing.

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