“Fire” – iCON Pro Audio Space Series Microphones

Icon’s Space Series microphones fuse vintage sounding clarity and warmth with bold, intergalactic design. These large diaphragm condenser microphones contain space age shock mounted capsules with electrostatic Golden Drop transducers made of pure 999 gold. This innovative technology allows the diaphragm to move with laser sharp precision for increased intelligibility while simultaneously reducing any coloration or distortion. The Class “A” discrete electronics are built by hand in Latvia using only the highest quality components for peak performance, superlative durability and extremely low self noise.

For more information about the Martian visit https://iconmain.wpengine.com/product/mart

For more information about the Cocoon visit https://iconmain.wpengine.com/product/cocoon/

This video features the song “Fire” by Josie Pace. For more information visit https://www.josiepace.com/

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