Producer, Song-Writer, Artist

(Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, R.Kelley, Rick Ross)


Cory “Knotch” Marks was born Dec. 29th 1985 in Compton California, This 28 year-old music producer, songwriter, and artist, , with his unique writing and vocal abilities, coupled with his hot beats Knotch is guaranteed to catch everyone by ear . inspired by artist such as The Jacksons, Musiq Soul-child, Jodeci, and Stevie Wonder whose influences has helped shape him into the musical genius he is today.

Knotch never dreamed that his music would be desired by so many known name artist. You can find some of Knotch’s unique style displayed in songs by Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, New Boyz, R. Kelly, Chipmunk, Kurupt, YG, MDMA, Dawn Richards, Diddy, Cassie, Redman, Rick Ross, Murs, Ludacris, Trey Songz, Mario, Ray J, Polow da Don, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa , 2 Chainz , Scarface and the list goes on….

Knotch wrote the hook for the song entitled “Tie Me Down” which received a the 2011 ASCAP award. Knotch went on to write a song entitled “Sweet Love” which debuted on Chris Browns album “Fortune” that received a Grammy Award nomination and again for a second time on Chris Brown’s X album for placing “Lost In Ya Love” on that project.

Knotch is responsible for launching the careers of other producers & songwriters D&D, including producer, songwriter , and artist Tee Flii, Prince Charlez, The New Boyz and many more ….

Knotch now has a mixtape he released titled #BreatheMixtape that is slowly on the rise , with great features and wonderful #classic hits

When asked, “What does Knotch want people to think about his music?” his response is, “I want people to see my music as the antivirus for some of the negative oriented music being disseminated on the radio and in record stores today. Music is [supposed] to make you feel good, but hey nobody can be the best, because there’s no limit to ones dreams.”

“With DT-5a monitors, …it sounds just right when the levels are right, almost like the speakers are mixing with you, lol ”

“Icon speakers are amazing! The DT Series speakers are the truth! I get to edit videos, listen to my music, mix my songs, and just vibe with a pure clean sound. My mixes are a lot better due to the built in limiter. …nice and clean when the mix is right, almost like the speakers are mixing with you” -Knotch

Knotch’s Gear


DT-5a Pro Reference Monitors