Updating QCon Pro X to New DAW Selection Mode

IMPORTANT UPDATE INFORMATION: Universal DAW Mode is now available for QCon Pro X

If you have purchased a QCon Pro X control surface, and are using any factory or user installed firmware before v1.18, then you are using the original QCON PRO X DAW selection mode. That is to say that there is a specific selection for each Digital Audio Workstation. Example: Select Reaper mode to connect with Reaper, Logic Pro to integrate with Logic, Cubase/Nuendo for Cubase or Nuendo, etc.

However, when using QCon Pro X Firmware v1.18 and later, DAW SELECTION WILL FUNCTION DIFFERENTLY. Now, just like on the QCon Pro G2 and Platform M+, there are only FOUR (4) DAW modes to select from:

  1. MCP – Mackie Control Protocol Used for all DAWs except Logic and Pro Tools
  2. Logic Pro – for use with Apple Logic Pro
  3. HUI – Mackie HUI Protocol for use with ProTools
  4. User Defined Mode for custom MIDI mapping.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that upgrading to Firmware version v1.18 WILL CHANGE THE FUNCTION BUTTON CONFIGURATION. The buttons and functions in all control sections on all control panels except for ProTools will change! Therefore WE STRONGLY INSIST THAT USERS MUST UPGRADE THEIR QCON PRO X APP PANEL AND OVERLAYS (control section) BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE TO v1.18. iMap version 2.20 must be used to make this upgrade. 

Any QCon ProX units that shipped with Firmware v1.18 or later installed already shipped with an upgraded APP Panel and new overlays. For those units, users can just upgrade their firmware normally as new releases are published. Please see the formal release notes below for links and details:


QCon Pro X version 2.20 Release Notes
Model: QCon Pro X
Release date: April 8, 2019
iMap Version:  2.20
Firmware Version: 1.18
Who needs to Upgrade: Recommended for All users.


See Details Below…

IMPORTANT! The DAW mode selection for QCon Pro X has changed with firmware version 1.18 and iMap version 2.20. Instead of selecting a mode for each DAW (ex. ProTools mode to control ProTools, Cubase Mode to control Cubase, etc.); there are now only four DAW modes to select:

  1. MCP Mode– (Mackie Control Protocol) – Used for all DAWs except Logic and Pro Tools
  2. Logic Mode – Only used to control Logic
  3. HUI Mode – Only used to control Pro Tools
  4. User Defined Mode – Used to create custom control maps (does not currently work with Pro Tools)

For best results, please make sure to select the proper DAW mode when you power up your device.

WARNING! BEFORE YOU UPGRADE YOUR QCON PRO X, PLEASE ORDER A NEW AUTO-PROGRAM PANEL AND NEW OVERLAYS AT ICONPROAUDIO.COM! The function buttons and mapping have changed with this update. To ensure proper operation, please be sure to use the correct overlays.


  1. Visit https://iconproaudio.com/shop/qcon-pro-x-auto-program-panel/
  2. Select the correct auto-program panel for your preferred Digital Audio Workstation.
  3. The auto-program panel are $20.00, and will be shipped to you directly from our factory in China. You will be charged a flat rate of $29.99 US dollars for shipping.
  4. Your auto-program panel will be shipped to you once you complete the order.
    PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive your shipment.

Note: Please make sure iMap V2.20 or above is being used for the firmware upgrade process.
Download iMap V2.20

Update footprint
Version                    Feature added or bug fixed
1.00 for Windows       First release on Windows;
1.02 for Windows       Repair values for Flip mode
1.04 for Windows       Add Studio-One control mode;
2.0.4 for Mac/Win      First release on MacOS, with JUCE framework;
2.0.5                           Fix reset function, and reset device after FW upgraded;
2.10                             Change to Universal DAW modes
2.12                             Add Program-Change in MIDI-Msg-Type; Change Sent Data format
2.16                             Add feature: The Msg Type of Fader could be changed from Pitch Bend to CC;
2.17                             Change: For new overlays;
2.20                             Improve footswitch assign and control

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