Keith Leak

The Man:
Keith O. Leak Sr, a minister, a musician, a songwriter, a teacher, a band arranger, a singer, a father, and a firm believer that Jesus is Lord. Keith is very passionate about his walk with Christ. A musician since the age of 6, Keith was destined to operate in ministry. By the age of 13,  Keith was a Minister of Music. On this journey Keith has learned a lot about ministry and music, and is very sensitive to what’s needed musically for church services. Keith is also very passionate about music in general, and spends his daily routines on creating and producing music.

The Musician:
Songwriter, Studio, (Pro-tools, and Logic), Vocal teaching, Musician (organ, and Keys), Operate a music department, Growing Music department singers into confidence.
Team Player. Encourager to those who operate in the Music department.
Keith Leak brings a wealth of knowledge to the table along with a relevant vibe that reaches individuals across cultures and generations.
Proficient in training both musicians and singers alike. 
He works well with others, he also inspires those under his leadership to grow in their gifts, challenging them to be their very best.
Keith says, ”Rehearsals are fun, exciting and filled with useful information to carry out the task at hand”. 
Keith is very versatile in the songs he sings and the music he plays.
He is hard working, dedicated and fully capable of bringing a project to completion.
Music Director for stage plays, Minister of Music for Churches, Accompanied Recording artists.
Life time achievement awards segments of Mom and Pop Winans (New York)  Marvin Winans, and Richard Smallwood, (Chicago) for the nationally syndicated television show, “GOSPEL SUPERFEST”.

Keith about working with the iKeyboard 8X” A lightweight keyboard, with Heavy Hitter results. The 8X feels so good to my hands as a keyboard player. The action on the release of the keys is immediate, allowing the player to not have missing notes during his or her play.  The 8X is a producing keyboard player’s go to keyboard for music production.”

Keith’s iCON Gear:


iKeyboard 8x