Drummer/Producer and Engineer Javier “lakambra” Delgado is a four time Grammy nominee both as drummer for 
Miami’s hardest working band LOCOS POR JUANA and as an in demand engineer and producer for artists like Jencarlos Canela and El B.

His Grammy nominations include:

  • Locos Por Juana “Musical Pal’ Pueblo” 2005 Latin Grammy Nominee for Major Album Rock vocal Duo or Group. Credits: Drummer / Producer / Engineer.
  • Locos Por Juana “La Verdad” 2008 Grammy Nominee for Best Rock / Alternetive Album. Credits: Drummer / Producer / Engineer.
  • Beatriz Luengo “Bella Y Sus Moskitas Muertas” 2012 Latin Grammy Nominee for Mejor Album Pop Contemporaneo. Credits: Drummer.
  • El B “Luz” 2016 Latin Grammy Nominee for Mejor Album de Musica Urbana. Credits: Drummer / Producer.

“The QCon Pro X makes my tracking and mixing so much faster and easier, allowing me to use more of my ears, less of my eyes”.

– Javier Delgado

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