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Joseph Mourad, known by his stage name Klypso, is a producer, songwriter, DJ, and entrepreneur. At a very young age, Klypso was initially inspired by classical music and was fascinated with the different sounds of each instrument. This triggered him to discover his unique ability to understand musical composition.

Klypso met Mystro on the streets of Hollywood in early 2006. Through Mystro, he was introduced to Mopreme Shakur, brother to the late 2Pac. Soon after meeting Mopreme, Klypso made his debut as a DJ in Brazil for the 2pac 10 Year Anniversary Tour. Later that same year, he produced the song “Say What” by Ne-Yo.

Over the next few years, while building with the up and coming group “Nuthin’ Under a Million” Klypso also worked alongside Anthony Johnson and Dr. Dre. He had the pleasure of working with renowned artists such as TI, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Over time, Klypsobegan to discover the producer within himself and started to focus more of his time on building his brand.

In 2011, Klypso assisted in audio engineering the radio hit “Kush” by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon. In 2012, he produced the song “I’m a Stop” by Too Short featuring 50 cent, Twista, and Devin The Dude.

In 2013, Klypso worked with singer and songwriter Poo Bear on the Grammy nominated best rap album of the year entitled “Food and Liquor II” by Lupe Fiasco.

Later that year, Klypso linked up with Flo Rida and performed the half time show for the San Francisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panther’s playoff game in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Bank of America Stadium.

Klypso was born on December 6, 1983 in Mountain View, California. He is one of four children and the son of a globally recognized pastry chef, Salim Mourad. Klypso continues to write and produce music spending most of his time at his studio in Los Angeles, California working towards becoming an internationally known producer, songwriter and DJ.


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– DJ Klypso


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