iCON Pro Audio & Harrison Consoles Form Strategic Alliance

iCON and Harrison to Develop Solutions for Music and Recording Industries

iCON Pro Audio (Headquarters: Hong Kong) and Harrison Consoles (Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee USA) have announced a strategic alliance to jointly provide high performance professional audio products to the Music and Recording Industries.

The new alliance will combine the legendary reputation and expertise of Harrison in high performance professional audio technologies, with iCON’s expertise in design, manufacture, and distribution of a broad range of music technologies to provide a new selection of integrated solutions. The first two projects will incorporate tighter integration between iCON’s control surfaces, and Harrison’s Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and cloud-based broadcast systems, plus the bundling of a new Harrison plugin with iCON’s audio interfaces and midi controllers.

By working together, the teams at Harrison and iCON have developed deeper compatibility between Harrison’s Mixbus32C DAW and iCON’s QCon and Platform lines of MIDI DAW controllers. Additionally, iCON’s QCon Pro X is now the recommended controller for Harrison’s cloud-based broadcast system MixbusVBM.

The Harrison 32C Vocal Intensity Processor is included with all iCON audio interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers and control surfaces.

The new Harrison 32C Vocal Intensity Processor provides a “greatest hits” collection of features from Harrison’s analog console heritage, their AVA plugins, and their Mixbus32C workstation. The Harrison 32c Vocal Intensity Processor (32c-VIP) is a voice processing plugin that offers a quick and easy way to enhance the quality of spoken voice. It can be used for editing audio recordings or for processing signals in real time. This plugin will be available on the Harrison website for an MSRP of $89, but is also available as a free download for registered users of iCON’s audio interfaces, control surfaces and MIDI keyboard controllers.

32c-VIP contains the following elements:

  • A Leveler for controlling the dynamic range of the audio signal
  • Harrison 32c High and Low-Pass Filters for cleaning up any unwanted frequencies
  • An RTA with pre and post filter displays for visualizing the spectral characteristics of the processed signal
  • A K-12 Meter that displays the level of overall output and helps keep the signal within the target range.
  • A built-in limiter that prevents the output signal from clipping.

The Harrison 32C VIP ($89 value) is available as a free download with all registered iCON audio interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers and DAW control surfaces. Visit your User Center and download it today.

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  1. Do you have a metal Panel for Harrison Mixbus 32C? If not, will one be available in the future and when is the ETA? Thanks.

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