Control Surfaces

An extensive line of MIDI control devices. From recording DAW controllers to DJ and guitar controllers geared to live performance, we provide solutions that fit a wide range of plug and play needs. Our control surfaces are ergonomically designed to provide a superb tactile experience and compatibility with all major DAWs.


We offer several USB powered keyboard controllers. Our controllers range from 2 to 8 octaves. Features such as assignable pads, faders and wheels give you ultimate control over your compositions and performance. Built in Mackie control allows you to interface with Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro, Abelton Live and more.

Audio /MIDI Interfaces

A wide range of audio and MIDI interfaces from compact portable devices to a selection of multi-channel recording interfaces. Several devices offer 24bit 96/192kHz resolution and superb digital conversion for truly pristine sound quality; whether in the studio or doing live field recordings.


A wide range and assortment of personal listening solutions, including studio headphones, DJ Headphones, ear-hook and in-ear monitors. Innovative technologies such as our own ScanPro(TM) 45mm Neodymium magnet driver provide pure, ultra clean sound output for the critical listener.


What do you need from your microphone? Pristine studio vocals or instruments? A solid, low-feedback recording in a noisy live environment? Or how about jacking in to your iPod, iPad or other mobile device? The answer is …yes!  From XLR studio condenser mics to USB and 1/8″ mobile dynamic solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Studio Monitors

Studio reference monitors ranging from 3.5 to 8.0 inch drivers. Pristine quality and flat response deliver a listening experience that helps your mixes transfer nicely from mix environment to radio, cars and clubs. We also offer wireless solutions for controlling your monitor system, and sub-woofers for low frequency accuracy.


We have a wide range of outboard processors ranging from preamps and EQs to compressors and EFX. These devices make perfect companions to hardware mixers and DAWs. Great choices for live performance, recording and mixing situations. Great for processing vocals or instruments on input.

iPad Gear

Looking to expand the recording capabilities of your iPad? Then check out this gear. We have audio interfaces and microphones with 1/8″ plugs that fit your iPad without adapters. These compact companions for your iPad will make it a more flexible and portable audio recorder.

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