GHOST SYNTHESIS – Artist & Composer


After years of playing in various bands and other various musical incarnations, and being fortunate enough to share a stage or studio with some of the finest musicians the world has to offer, Metro Detroit native Jeff Rebrovich (Ghost Synthesis) made the decision to put those endeavors on hold in hopes of trying something different. “To be quite honest, I didn’t have the money to properly pay anyone else to help me bring these ideas to life, so I took some time to try and teach myself as much as I could and learn as much as I could from anyone willing to show me anything at all about music production, programming, etc”. Out of that came his first project, Hello Machine with vocalist Luke DeWitt. “I think I called in every possible favor I could in order to get that first album done”.

Over the past year Ghost Synthesis was invited by Sound Design legend Ric Viers, Owner of the Detroit Chop Shop and Blastwave FX to contribute production elements to various libraries and releases, and will also be collaborating on future projects that will most certainly get people talking.

“I am excited to see Ghost Synthesis evolve into a force to be reckoned with in the coming years”

“iKeyboard 5X is a God send for me when using it with MIDI capable analog gear.”

My first impression right out of the box was the build quality. For a slim bodied controller I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that it had some weight to it. I needed something to hold up well on stage as well as in the studio, that left a small footprint, yet versatile enough to encompass iOS applications, whatever hardware being used and whatever DAW I was working in. The Keys feel  great, and having both five pin and USB midi always a plus, and the fact that all of the controls are in one spot makes it easy to almost memorize what your hand needs to press. Just the transposing function alone makes it possible to do things that either took menu diving or saving presets or inventing creative solutions with tuning oscillators on the fly.

The two things that I’ve found most useful is how easy it was to change the midi channels, which makes using gear with fixed channels or using and switching between multiple channels much easier. And the transpose function when using any midi compliant analog gear is just brilliant. No menu/sub menu setups, no saving, no finagling with fussy oscillators. It just does what it’s supposed to do. Interesting how one piece of gear has single handedly helped get this new project up and running faster just by being efficient and as I stated already, by doing what it’s supposed to do. Fantastic unit.

Jeff’s Icon Gear: